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Nine injured in rented Malibu home as balcony collapses at party

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After a trying and difficult year, people are slowly trying to return to some semblance of normalcy in Los Angeles and across California. Part of that is gathering with friends. When at a house party, few are expecting there to be accidents with injuries, hospitalizations and the potential for catastrophic damage. However, structural defects, dangerous circumstances and other problems can spark unforeseen incidents. After this type of accident occurs, it is important to understand premises liability when considering options.

Balcony at rented home collapses, injuring nine people

A birthday party at a rented home in Malibu ended with nine people being injured when a balcony collapsed. The people fell 15 feet down to rocks beneath them. First responders were called to the scene after 5 p.m. One witness said they heard a crack before the balcony broke under the weight of the partygoers. The initial investigation suggests there were problems with the integrity of the deck. Four of the people who fell were hospitalized and the injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The home itself is being assessed to determine if there is structural damage.

Understanding premises liability and the available alternatives

Injured people will likely have no problem understanding the details of how to pursue a legal claim after an auto accident or as a passerby who was hurt near a construction site. With premises liability, it might be somewhat more confusing. Still, there are strategies to hold owners and others responsible for negligence, recklessness and lack of care if there are injuries and death on their property. People who are on the property should either be made aware of possible dangers or protected from them. If there is a failure to adhere to those requirements, there could be the foundation to seek compensation.

Having advice is fundamental with premises liability situations

Hospital expenses, lost time on the job, emotional trauma and other challenges frequently come up after personal injury on someone else’s property. In this accident, people are being described as “fortunate” that their injuries were not worse. Even though that may be true, they could still have lingering damage in multiple aspects of their lives because of the balcony collapse. Some symptoms do not show themselves immediately, but could crop up later. To be fully protected and explore the possible ways to move forward, having comprehensive guidance from caring professionals is a wise step.