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Study: Online meetings contribute to distracted driving danger

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In California and throughout the United States, fundamental changes have been necessary. People have been forced to radically adapt to the new normal. That includes children learning remotely, tamping down on their leisure activities and working from home. For those who need to take part in meetings with colleagues, that has led to conducting them on Zoom and in other online ways. The reduction in traffic and fewer people needing to commute might put forth the idea that the roads will be safer. However, people have been affected in other ways including lapses in concentration behind the wheel following these online meetings. This could result in greater danger and auto accidents.

Study indicates that drivers may lack concentration following online meetings

In a survey, Root Insurance found that distracted driving has a new cause: loss of concentration following online meetings. This is added to the list of distractions that drivers are vulnerable to including making phone calls, texting, checking social media, surfing the internet and using GPS. Root says that in 2020, drivers checked their phone at least one time every 5.5 miles they traveled. This was problematic enough, but adding the statements as to how their need to take part in video conferences hindered their concentration behind the wheel, and the road becomes even more treacherous.

Two out of three Americans who took part said they have been using their cellphone for multitasking purposes since the current situation began. Younger people were especially vulnerable to using their devices. Almost 90% of those categorized as millennials and Gen Z admitted as such. Sixty percent of survey participants confessed that if they receive a text message or call, they are tempted to look at the device. Two-thirds of people said they checked the device when driving – an 8% increase from the previous year. More than 50% checked it every half-hour; one-quarter said they checked it every 15 minutes.

Professional assistance can assess a case and decide on a strategy

Although there are many catalysts to motor vehicle accidents including drunk driving, drowsy driving, speeding, negligence and recklessness, distracted driving is rising in the rankings. From Hollywood to Beverly Hills to the beaches, the roads in Los Angeles are always busy. An accident may cause catastrophic injuries with massive medical expenses, lost time at work and myriad other challenges. People who have lost a loved one will face an uncertain future. Whether a case needs to go to trial or a reasonable offer of compensation is made to avoid it, having experienced guidance is key from the start.