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What drivers should know about dangerous crushing injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Injuries are common when motor vehicles collide, and Southern California residents who have been in accidents likely understand that even minor fender benders can result in pain, bruising, and other personal injuries. When serious accidents happen, though, the types of injuries victims suffer are more serious. One serious form of motor vehicle accident injury is a crushing injury.

The contents of this post will introduce readers to crushing accidents and the complications that can arise when they occur. No medical or legal advice is conveyed in this post, and individuals with crushing injury questions should direct them to their trusted personal injury attorneys.

What is a crushing injury?

An individual may suffer a crushing injury when their body, or any part of their body, is caught between two rigid objects. When motor vehicles crash into each other, victims can become caught between vehicles, parts of their own vehicles, or their vehicles and the roads, all of which may result in crushing injuries. When a crushing injury happens, a victim may experience the following problems:

  • Lacerations, bleeding, and blood loss
  • Broken bones
  • Bruising and abrasions
  • Compartment syndrome

The consequences of these problems can be devastating, particularly with regard to compartment syndrome, which will be discussed below.

The dangers of compartment syndrome

Compartment syndrome can happen during crushing events. When a part of the body is put under pressure, it may be difficult for blood to circulate through it. The compartment of the body affected by the crush may begin to die due to the lack of blood traveling through it.

All the complications and symptoms associated with crushing accidents can have serious outcomes for victims. When an individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident that causes them to be crushed, they should know that they may have legal rights. Their personal injury attorney can advise them on how best to approach their legal options and needs.