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What are some signs your child is being bullied?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Bullying and Abuse |

Despite the efforts many Los Angeles area schools are making, children and teenagers continue to be bullied in school. In this day and age with technology and social media it’s easier for kids to bully each other and harder for parents and teachers to catch it. There are warning signs that a kid is being bullied that should not be ignored.

Warning signs of bullying

The possible warning signs that a child is being bullied include:

  • Child misses school often or asks to stay home.
  • The child appears sad, depressed, or moody.
  • He spends a lot of time alone and appears to have very few friends.
  • He comes home with unexplained cuts, bumps, or bruises.
  • They do not enjoy school as much as they used to.
  • Their school work begins to decline.
  • They suffer from low self-esteem.
  • There is a change in their appetite or desire to eat.
  • They have trouble sleeping.
  • They take an alternate route to school.
  • They complain of physical ailments like stomach aches, headaches or backaches.

Effects of parents and children

Parents can be devastated when they find out their child is being bullied. Parents who believe their child is being bullied should act immediately. If the child’s school has not put a stop to the bullying, parents may want to consult with an attorney who specializes in bullying and abuse. An attorney can help their client and their child pursue legal claims against the parents and/or school if it has not done enough to prevent this issue. No child should have to go through the pain of being bullied and parents want to do everything they can to make sure it never happens again and that the one doing the bullying is effectively punished.