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Strict liability in California dog bite cases

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Dogs are wonderful companions. They are loyal, friendly, and helpful. Some dogs can be trained to provide service to their owners, others, and their communities. While many dogs are faithful friends who give their people love and support, others experience challenges and trauma that may cause them to lash out and inflict harm.

Dog bites and attacks can result in serious injuries to victims. When a dog bites someone, a victim may not know who to turn to for help. A personal injury attorney can be a great resource for an individual in this difficult situation; this post, while informational, should not be read as legal advice.

California dog bite laws

In California, dog owners are generally strictly liable for the injuries that their dogs inflict on others. Strict liability means liability even without warning or negligence. A dog owner who has no reason to believe that their dog may be dangerous is still responsible for the harm it causes to others.

For a victim to have rights to compensation, their injuries must occur in a location where they are permitted to be. For example, a victim who is attacked by a dog in a public place may sue the dog’s owner as public places are open to everyone. Additionally, victims who are attacked by dogs on private property where they have rights to be can also sue for their damages. Trespassers on property may face challenges when they attempt to recover their dog bite damages.

Preparing for a dog bite case

Dog bite litigation can be difficult and stressful. Victims may have to testify about their attacks and may have to offer evidence of their injuries for the recovery of their damages. Preparing a dog bite case can take time and legal knowledge. With the help of a personal injury attorney, a dog bite victim can have confidence that their case will be cogent, comprehensive, and capable of securing damages.