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How can you avoid distractions while driving?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You may multitask while driving in California without even realizing that your focus is wandering. Participating in certain behaviors while simultaneously driving your car may seem harmless at first, but allowing your attention to wander, even briefly, immediately increases your risk of crashing.

Making a commitment to yourself that you will refrain from doing anything other than driving while you are behind the wheel may allow you to control the temptation to multitask, prevent distractions and better protect yourself and your passengers.

Identifying distractions

What appears as a distraction to you may not be a temptation to someone else. Acknowledging that there are different kinds of distractions may allow you to identify which behaviors are the biggest risks for you. Perhaps you find yourself distracted visually by other motorists or billboards. Mental distraction may prevent you from thinking clearly if you are dealing with situations that have left you experiencing deep emotions.

Physical distractions including eating, programming your GPS, answering a phone call, texting a friend, helping your child in the backseat and even changing the radio station may all divert your attention away from the road. Not paying attention for even a second too long may immediately put your life in peril and result in a dangerous situation.

Preventing distractions

Geico.com suggests some excellent ways for you to prevent distractions while driving including limiting the amount of activity and noise within your vehicle. If you have passengers, particularly smaller children, verify everyone’s comfort before you leave to avoid distractions and requests. If you feel tired, pull your vehicle over to a safe place and rest until you feel comfortable driving again. Stop your vehicle in a safe place if you need to use your cellphone and save your multitasking efforts when you are not driving.