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The number of phone-addicted drivers doubled last year

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Firm News |

While California is one of many states that currently have legislation in place that seeks to prevent in-vehicle cellphone use, many motorists across the state and nation continue to use their phones while driving, anyway. In fact, the number of Americans who meet the criteria for being “phone addicted” doubled within the last year, highlighting an alarming trend that endangers everyone traveling the nation’s roads. 

According to Forbes, “phone addiction” applies to any driver who spends at least 28% of his or her time behind the wheel of a vehicle also using a cellphone. These days, one out of every 12 drivers has a phone addiction, and at any given time, between 60% and 80% of American motorists are using their cellphones while navigating the nation’s roads. 

These numbers suggest that a large number of Americans continue to use their phones while driving regardless of laws banning the act. Additionally, research shows that many of the motorists using their phones behind the wheel are completely aware of how dangerous it is to do so. However, many drivers also fail to acknowledge how their own actions contribute to the growing number of distracted driving-related car wrecks taking place on America’s roadways. 

What is entirely clear, however, is the fact that distracted driving and in-vehicle cellphone use are major contributors to car crashes. Research shows a notable link between distracted driving and an 83%-uptick in all types of car wrecks. Distracted driving is also impacting pedestrians, with pedestrian deaths now at their highest number in 30 years. Find more about car crashes on our webpage.