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Corona man facing murder charges following car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Typically a car accident that occurs in Los Angeles is just that: an accident. While the person who caused a collision may have displayed negligence or carelessness in the operation of their vehicle, there is rarely any intent to harm others present. However there are those rare cases where one may choose to turn their vehicle into a weapon, in which case the issue of civil liability will typically go hand-in-hand with criminal charges.

That is exactly what a Corona man is facing after crashing his car into one carrying six teenage passengers. First responders arrived on the scene to find the vehicle carrying the teens to be mangled so extensively that three of them required assistance to be extracted. Ultimately, three were killed in the collision while the others sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses to the accident said that it appeared from the man’s conduct that he had intentionally caused the collision. After hitting the teens, he fled the scene and went to a nearby home, where local law enforcement authorities later arrested him without incident. His reasons for crashing into the teen’s car were not released. He now faces three counts of murder stemming from the accident.

In a case such as this, car accident victims (and their families) may need to seek compensation to help address the damages they were forced to deal with. Yet while criminal proceedings against the person who caused an accident are ongoing, they might think they must what to pursue their own action. That is not the case; civil and criminal trials can occur concurrently. Those wishing to initiate such action may first wish to secure the services of an experienced attorney.