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Why do traffic fatalities increase during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Firm News |

The holidays are a time of family, friends, light and celebration for California residents. Whether you are going out shopping or to a gathering at someone’s house, you no doubt notice the heavy volume of cars on the road. Unfortunately, this is also a time of an increased traffic fatalities too.  What is behind this phenomenon? 

According to data in Traffic Safety Facts released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are four periods in 2019 that demonstrate the highest number of traffic fatalities according to statistical forecasting. They are the weekends of July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. In fact, the period between 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and 5:56 a.m. on January 2nd shows the greatest number of deaths. There are several reasons for this spike in the loss of life due to automobile accidents. 

First, there is increased alcohol consumption during this time. Despite knowledge of the many dangers, and public service campaigns surrounding drinking and driving, way too many people fail to heed these warnings. You should always designate a nondrinking companion when you go out and plan to drink. 

Second, there is increased travel time. People are traveling longer distances to visit family and friends, and sometimes, you are fatigued while doing so. Be sure to get enough sleep and leave well before you are too tired to drive home. Also, while there are many events to pack in during a short period of time, make sure you follow the rules of the road. Statistically speaking, speeding is unfortunately the cause of many traffic fatalities. 

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