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Car crashes and inattentional blindness

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Firm News |

Californians are no strangers to car crashes. As you pass by one on your way to work, you may ponder the cause. While there are many reasons why vehicles collide, there is one that may sound foreign: inattentional blindness. 

We here at Ramey Law, P.C., work hard to keep you informed of possible threats to your safety. Inattentional blindness may play a factor in many crashes. Learn the basics of the phenomenon. 

Inattentional blindness  

Ever look for something, only to have someone else point out it is right in front of you? Inattentional blindness occurs when the brain fails to identify an unexpected object in its line of sight. It tends to happen when the mind is concentrating on another task. In the above instance, your brain was following instructions and thus unable to perceive the object sought. 

Car accidents and inattentional blindness  

There are many things to pay attention to while out for a drive. Traffic, weather and road conditions are just a few of the things the brain needs to keep tabs on while driving. Now, mix in passengers, music and GPS instructions, and you can start to see just how much information the brain must process. When something appears or happens that you swear later you did not see, such as a semi-truck changing lanes or a dog walking into the street, it may indicate inattentional blindness. Your brain could not “see” what was immediately in front of it because it was neither expecting it nor focusing on it. 

If you are in an accident where a person indicates inattentional blindness played a part, you may want to relay that to your attorney. Go to our website for more guidance dealing with motor vehicle crashes.