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Professional Liability Lawyer Los Angeles

Ramey Law, P.C. represent professionals, including architects, engineers, attorneys, real estate and insurance brokers and other licensed professionals in claims stemming from alleged acts, errors or omissions in the performance of professional duties. The firm has a highly successful track record in obtaining successful results for its clients in the handling of such claims. We understand the importance of achieving the best possible result when defending such claims, while at the same time ensuring that the professional’s reputation and standing in the community, license status and the ability to conduct future business as a professional are protected.

The firm works on a regular basis with highly qualified expert witnesses to develop the best possible theories and arguments in the handling of professional liability claims. We have also represented individuals harmed by the negligence of professionals, and are highly experienced in working with such expert witnesses in evaluating whether a professional liability claim can be presented and will lead to a successful recovery for the damages suffered by the firm’s client as a result of the professional negligence committed by the professional in the performance of the duties owed to the firm’s client by the professional.

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