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Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Los Angeles

Ramey Law, P.C. provide a highly effective commercial litigation service to clients all over the Los Angeles area and have had years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in this legal sector. We deal with all types of commercial litigation including fraud, conversion, breach of contract or fiduciary duty and interference with potential or actual commercial relationships.

Broad Scope of Commercial Litigation Expertise

Our commercial litigation expertise covers all types of potential and existing business disputes including business interruption claims, disputes in the entertainment industry, real estate disputes, premises disputes and construction disputes, including those that involve implied, written or oral contracts.

Solid Reputation in the Commercial Litigation Field

Ramey Law, P.C. have established a firm reputation in the commercial litigation field and can assure you that we will pursue your commercial interests with tenacity and skill. All of those who are professionally involved in the litigation process, including mediators, arbitrators, judges and counsel for the defense as well as those involved in the insurance industry are well aware of our reputation.

We make it a policy to consider arbitration and mediation where this will bring a speedy and successful resolution of any commercial dispute, but we are prepared to take your case to court if that is what it takes to win on your behalf.

We understand that many disputes depend on an interpretation of various mechanisms and agreements and because there is a tendency for these to change over time we ensure that all members of our team keep up-to-date with all those twists and turns in any case law or change in the statutes which could change the entire outcome. We also make sure to keep our clients fully informed of all these changes in the process.

Clients’ Interests are Our First Priority

We work with our clients who own businesses by assisting with any kind of dispute that may arise and we understand how important our clients’ businesses and reputations are in the community. Ramey Law, P.C. pursue the most effective and efficient means of resolving commercial disputes whenever possible.

Our firm is proud of the commitment to our clients in the Los Angeles area and acknowledge that each and every one of them is in a unique situation. Our team at Ramey Law, P.C. always ensures that they understand the particular needs of each clients and works tirelessly on their behalf in order to resolve their commercial litigation and disputes with the utmost efficiency.

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